• Alfaparf - Master Colorist 2

    Discover and Master

    Beyond Reds:  Choosing the correct red formation can be challenging.  Adjust tonal quality utilizing natural underlying pigmentation to create benchmarks radiant reds.

    Master Blondes:  Learn to define and create bold blond statements.  Perfect the art of blonding using Alfaparf Milano Color.

  • Alfaparf - Master Colorist Course 1

    It's never too late to set yourself apart from the crowd - Let's team up, learn & create!

    Hair Color Chemistry:  How hair chemistry/color chemistry work in tandem to achieve your end result.

    Grey Busters:  Learn the tricks behind conquering even the toughest gray hair, tips and formulation for the perfect result.

  • Alfaparf - Officina Del Colore Color Comparison

    Join us in this class to understand the different features and benefits with each of Alfaparf’s very own color lines. The technologies to achieve the best results for every guest and knowing which lines are ideal for each client.  Compare Colorwear, Evolution of the Color Cubed, and Precious Nature colors with a demonstration of their mixing rations, techniques, and applications where you can touch and feel.  


  • Eufora - Advanced Creative Color Placement

    This fun and interactive class introduces all the features and benefits of Eufora Color. Color application, directional placement, and techniques to dimensional coloring will have your clients feeling fab! Join us in this full day color experience with Global Educator, Mirza Batanovic.

  • KEVIN.MURPHY - COLOR.ME 2.0 Advanced Theory

    An advanced class offering in-depth knowledge from initial consultation to colour correction, designed to further your technical skills, address challenges and deliver the best results possible. Topics include diagnosis, consultations, choosing colour, advanced colouration, removal of colour and troubleshooting.


    Experience the concept and performance of COLOR.ME through an informative and interactive hands-on session on live models. Understand the COLOR.ME philosophy, technology, hair diagnosis and colour fundamentals. 



    Utilizing fundamental freehand techniques, this collection introduces you to FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER and illustrates the ease and simplicity behind gorgeous, lit-from-within colour.

    Delivering natural, easy to maintain colour with invisible new growth, FREESTYLE.LIGHTENER offers practical applications that can be used in the salon every day.


    Mastering bespoke colour formulation. Colouring hair is visual and limitless. COLOR.ME LAB is a class for colorists who want to bring theory into practice. In this class, you will work individually and as a team to conduct and analyze numerous colour tests on hair wefts ard swatches. You will reveal underlying pig­ment and witness the results of counteracting and enhancing tones. Class participants will have the chance to compare different formulas used for similar hair colours and situations and will explore the limitless playfulness of COLOR.ME


    Our introductory class offering a fundamental overview of colour and how it works. Class topics include philosophy, hair diagnosis, Color.Me points of difference and the complete product portfolio. Amplify your skills and competences such as diagnosis, consultation, color wheel, deciding on formulas and exact reflects to utilize for best results.


    Enjoy an evening with the famous Style.Master, Sarah Lund, and Color.Master, Stephanie Paschke, influenced by Kevin Murphy’s very own Color.Cut.Style


    Learn how to cut the curve of the head, and understand the natural texture and movement of hair. Understand precision and free-form styling, building your existing hair-layering skills combined with techniques and recipes.

  • Paul Mitchell - For the Love of Blonde!

    Gain confidence using Paul Mitchell Blonding products – between the Platinum series, Forever Blonde series, or the different lighteners – find something for every client to create the perfect blonde! With this interactive class, learn the difference between the unlimited levels of lift with Paul Mitchell blonding systems, formulations, and correctional toning.

  • Paul Mitchell - Who Loves Chocolate?

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but we’d like to believe chocolate is a close second. From a rich chocolate balayage to a sweet caramelized chocolate layers, help your clients indulge in their chocolate cravings!  Learn two chocolate looks with the new Chocolate+ Series. 

  • Sunlights - Balayage Techniques Demo

    Described as ‘the world’s fastest growing, most recognizable hair-color brand’, SUNLIGHTS is revolutionizing hair painting around the globe. With its goals of significantly increasing hairdressers’ incomes worldwide while simultaneously reducing our environmental impact, SUNLIGHTS is available on four continents. Bringing you both the education and the tools you need, such as THE BALAY BOX®, THE BALAY WRAP® and THE BALAY BRUSH™, SUNLIGHTS is leading the charge of the balayage revolution!