• Eufora - Styling & Finishing Techniques

    Learn how to use your nozzle and round brushes in blow-dry techniques that will decrease your time with fantastic results. Learn the benefits of the Power Blow Dry and how to use your blow dryer and brush to accomplish different looks including sleek and smooth, volume, and curls.


    Say “I.DOO” to innovative ideas for life’s big celebrations! In this class, you will leave to create bridal hairstyles the KEVIN.MURPHY way. Our valuable salon clients look to us not just for daily advice with their hair, they also look to us to create beautiful wearable hairstyles for their big day. I.DOO provides the opportunity for you to break away from safe and obvious by motivating you to create great bridal hair with a fashion edge by using the perfect products from start to finish.


    LEARN.ME is the most important class a stylist will ever see. It is an exclusive tour into everything that KEVIN.MURPHY stands for. LEARN.ME is, most importantly, about understanding who we are and how and why this makes our product so unique. The culture, core principles and philosophies behind KEVIN.MURPHY are imperative for stylists who have decided to partner with KEVIN.MURPHY.


    There are certain looks that will always remain signature to KEVIN.MURPHY. This class will help you understand the KEVIN.MURPHY tool range and styling products to create signature looks. This class is for those who want to explore our tools and product cocktailing suggestions. You will leave with a better understanding of KEVIN.MURPHY’s approach to hairstyles and explore modern setting techniques and fast up-dos by using our sewing.kits, curlers and wave.clips.

  • Moroccanoil - Art of Bridal

    Updated annually, the Art of Bridal course includes the practical application of three relevant bridal looks. Each look is achievable behind the chair in under 30 minutes. This course will enhance and expand the understanding of the Moroccanoil styling portfolio.

    Course Focus:
    demonstrations and hands-on styling
    product knowledge and usage
    three bridal looks

  • Moroccanoil - Knotworks

    Featuring Moroccanoil Design Team Member, Nine Morrison!! Nine will share techniques to create 3 braided looks in a hands-in format. Each look is achievable behind the chair in under 30 mins. Reserve your spot today!!

    Essential braids is a foundational braiding course designed to introduce stylists of any skill level to the art of braiding. We will share six braiding techniques that will prepare you for our braiding and faux braiding courses.

  • Number 4 - Collection Demo

    Simple. Impactful. TRANSFORMATIONAL. Join our very own Kat Nacario as she shares Number 4’s newest collection! TRANSFORMATION is a personal experience and journey that involves both inner and outer beauty. Style can evolve overnight or take years to shape. For this collection, creator Steve Elias embraced high fashion with hairstyles that are accessible yet visually intriguing to encourage change.